About Us

Open Organization
ICBDA is an independent, open organization of teachers and dancers dedicated to Choreographed Ballroom Dancing. There are currently over a thousand members of ICBDA worldwide.

All Volunteers
All ICBDA Officers, Board of Directors and Committees are unpaid volunteers, as are all Convention staff members. No one receives remuneration for any service.

The Conventions

Originally, ICBDA was known as URDC (Universal Round Dance Council) and was created to satisfy a need for education of the intermediate to higher level dancers.  The first convention was held in Kansas City, MO in 1977, at the Muehlebach Hotel.  Through the years, the choreographed ballroom movement has grown, along with the need for better education for all levels of dancers.  URDC recognized the increased need, as well as a need for a more definitive name.  So, the name was changed and the International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association was born.  ICBDA continued URDC’s goal for education and began including education for dancers from Phase III through Phase VI.  Today’s convention has three halls, one for Phase III-IV, one for Phase IV-V and one for Phase V-VI.   The convention features four days of some of the top talent in the dance world and, also, allows an opportunity for up and coming talent to be featured and allowed to grow.  Learning and stretching during the day, while dancing in a dancer’s hall of choice, at night, makes the convention a great time of fun, fellowship and learning.

The annual International ICBDA Convention offers dance clinics, figure clinics, and dance teaches. ICBDA also sponsors an Educational Seminar the day preceding the main event. Attendance at Educational Seminars, led by the most knowledgeable in the Choreographed Ballroom world, is open to both teacher and dancer at no added cost.

Technical Dance Manual
Available through the organization at no charge on the ICBDA Member site, an ICBDA Technical Dance Manual, with supplements, is constantly being updated by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). It is unique, useful and remarkably different with features not found in any other dance publication. Download Sample Manual Pages.

ICBDA Carousels
In 1998, by amendment to the Bylaws, ICBDA absorbed the Carousel Clubs organization and established a Committee with an appointed chaircouple. ICBDA Carousel Club leaders submit monthly reports of dances taught and favorite dances. These reports are available in the member section of this ICBDA web site.

Members of ICBDA receive newsletters throughout the year, at no extra cost. ICBDA, Carousel Club, and other organizational news plus items from around the dancing world are included. The volunteer editors strive to maintain the publication as a useful and open forum.