ICBDA Convention Locations

Future ICBDA Convention Locations & Space Requirements

2025 – Fayetteville/Springdale Arkansas
2026 – St. George, Utah

Request for Proposal (RFP) – Space, Food, and Sleeping Room Requirements

ICBDA is always searching for more locations to host our annual convention. Moving conventions around the country promotes more dancers from all areas to be involved in the organization. The group likes to meet late June into early to mid-July, preferring to stay off July 4 weekend.

Dance Hall Requirements – The specifications required are three dance halls. Ballrooms are normally provided at no cost assuming we meet the room night guarantees. If there are wooden floors in any of the halls it would be a bonus, but ICBDA has their own wooden dance flooring and sound support company. All these halls must have carpeted floors on which to lay our dance flooring. We typically move in the flooring early Monday morning and take up on Sunday-Monday of the following week.

Hall A – Large enough to house 12,000-15,000 square feet of wooden flooring and room for 550 seating around 3 sides with a stage at the 4th side.

Halls B & C – Large enough to house 8000-10,000 square of wooden flooring with room for 150 to 200 seating. Additionally, these halls need to be within walking distance of hotels and eating facilities nearby preferably without going through any smoking area. The location should also be close to a major airport. Last, but not least the halls must be able to be maintained at 68 degrees F or less during the day and night.

Food Requirements – We host a staff party (~100 people) on the 3rd night with a no host bar and prefer no bottle charge for those few who bring in their own drink.

We also hold a small meeting on the day before we start our convention with a continental breakfast for about 15 people. In addition, in the afternoon of the same day we hold our board meeting all afternoon. This requires a room with a head table with 7 chairs and the rest in a u-style for the other 40+. We have cookies, cold drinks and coffee/tea at this, which if available can be catered from a food service or vendor.

We also have a meeting of all the attendees on the final day of the convention (generally Saturday afternoon.) This is the AGM (Annual General Meeting.) It requires space for all 530 attendees in chairs facing the executive committee (7-8.) For this we need a computer projector and sound. While we do have our own projector, we do need a screen to be provided.

We also require plenty of cold ice water in each hall for our dancers all day and evening long.

Sleeping Rooms Requirements – We normally require approximately 1000-1200 room nights at an 80% occupancy rate before we are penalized by paying some fee for the ballrooms. These room nights are over 6 nights. The room rates are negotiated at a reasonable rate for this time of year, which can be in the last week of June to mid-July staying off July 4th weekend, if at all possible. We bring in from 480-550 dancers depending upon the location of the event (coast or central). A typical room useage is: Monday Night – 50 room nights, Tuesday – Saturday Nights -~200 room nights, although the days of the week can move later by one day if necessary.

Recreational Vehicle Sites – We have numerous members who use their RVs at this time of year. If the bidding property owners have an RV site, we can use about 50 hook-ups with a 30% requiring the high-power hook-up. We also request these hook-ups be a part of our count on room night usage.

Other Amenities –

  1. Free Wi-Fi in sleeping rooms
  2. Waive local visitors bureau and/or daily resort fees
  3. Free or significantly reduced parking fees


Revised – June 15, 2020